Chapter I.

    It Begins...

  1. Necromancer (ZS)
  2. Nagas (SC)
  3. Melee (ZS)
  4. Quarter Twist (NDG)
  5. Double Strike (SC)
  6. Cackling Demon (ZS)
  7. Desert (SC)
  8. Lull (ZS)
  9. Ambush (SC)
  10. Drag (ZS)
  11. Chapter II.

    In the Wicked City (The Demon and His Widow)

  12. Caravan (SC)
  13. Demon’s Grieving Widow (ZS)
  14. Widow’s Wail (SC)
  15. Decapitated and Skewered (ZS)
  16. Dissection, Resurrection (SC)
  17. The Demon Returns (ZS)
  18. Approaching Riders (NDG)
  19. Constables of Justice (SC)
  20. Hostage (ZS)
  21. Sacrificial Embrace (SC)
  22. Fall (ZS)
  23. Zebrafication (NDG)
  24. Demon’s Howl (SC)
  25. Werezebra (ZS)
  26. Zebrasaur / Bite (NDG)
  27. Terrible Convergence (SC)
  28. Petrification / Medusa / House of Statues (ZS)
  29. Emergence (NDG)
  30. Bounty Hunter / Bountiful Harvest (SC)
  31. Down (ZS)
  32. Trip (NDG)
  33. Chain Reaction (SC)
  34. Meanwhile, Elsewhere… (ZS)
  35. Ruler’s Revenge: From Stone to Flesh (NDG)
  36. Demon DDT (SC)
  37. Game (ZS)
  38. Adversary (SC)
  39. Chapter III.

    The Answer Lies in the Place of Unreason

  40. New Game, New Realm (NDG)
  41. Twin Cities (ZS)
  42. Soft Landing (SC)
  43. Cerberid (NDG)
  44. Chomp, Chomp, Chomp (SC)
  45. Hmmm… (ZS)
  46. Stone Is Heavier Than Flesh (SC)
  47. Opportunist (SC)
  48. Grin (NDG)
  49. Whispering Fish (ZS)
  50. Inside (SC)
  51. Place of Unreason (ZS)
  52. The Librarian (SC)
  53. There’s Something There (ZS)
  54. No Lumberer (SC)
  55. Bright Idea (NDG)
  56. Burrow (ZS)
  57. Internal Parasite (SC)
  58. Too Slow (NDG)
  59. The Fish Goes Hunting (ZS)
  60. Disembowel / Prowl (SC)
  61. In Silent Pursuit (NDG)
  62. The Book That Explains All Things (ZS)
  63. Chapter IV.


  64. The Book, Splattered, Stirs (SC)
  65. Double Suffocation (NDG)
  66. Agonizing Strategic Re-Appraisal (ZS)
  67. Altered Geometry (SC)
  68. Pull (NDG)
  69. Whispering for a Mothworm (ZS)
  70. Ammut’s Judgment (SC)
  71. Metamorphosis 1 (NDG)
  72. Alter the Map and You Alter the Territory (ZS)
  73. Twisted Terrain (SC)
  74. Metamorphosis 2 (NDG)
  75. Lurking Ifrit (SC)
  76. My Fucking Foot! (NDG)
  77. Pounce / The Game Goes On (SC)
  78. Slice (NDG)
  79. That One Will Trouble Us No More, My Lord (ZS)
  80. Atop the Bloated Beast the Lord Approaches (SC)
  81. Portrait of a Bloated Beast (NDG)
  82. Come, We Will Assault Them and Throw Down Their Towers (ZS)
  83. On High the Lord of the Sword Draws Nigh (SC)
  84. Siamese (NDG)
  85. How to Win Friends and Influence Beasts (ZS)
  86. Alkaline Aerial Assault (SC)
  87. Burn / Out Come the Scavengers (NDG)
  88. Three Lords (ZS)
  89. The Book Abides (SC)
  90. “Where are we? Does this planet even have a name?” “It had several names, but most of them were killed during the 3rd Alchemical War. No one’s spoken any of them aloud for at least eight thousand years.” (ZS)
  91. The Book Reveals Its Inevitable Centrality in the Escalating War of the Three (NDG)
  92. Translation into Unknown Language by Unknown Translator (ZS)
  93. The Lord Ascends as the Scavengers Descend (SC)
  94. Chapter V.

    A New Game Begins (The Liegeman’s Swansong)

  95. The Lord Plots His First Move (ZS)
  96. The Lord Lays Down His Challenge (SC)
  97. The First Liegeman and His Subordinates Are Placed (NDG)
  98. Shadow (ZS)
  99. Necrotic Riders (SC)
  100. “We’ll probably want legs for this environment.” “Yeah, and armor…” (ZS)
  101. The Liegeman Takes the High Ground (NDG)
  102. Seize Them! (ZS)
  103. Through the Shadows (SC)
  104. “There are more of them than I expected…” (NDG)
  105. Diseased Is This, Our Season, And Annihilation Its Only Medicine (ZS)
  106. Jumpers! (SC)
  107. The Lieutenant’s Life Flashes Before His Eyes (NDG)
  108. Events Multiply, The Sun Sets (ZS)
  109. Terror Toad Twilight (SC)
  110. Aiming, in Early Evening, at the White Frog (ZS)
  111. “Pretty wicked crosswind.” “Spare the gyroscopics lesson, bitch.” (SC)
  112. Phenomenological Inversion Grenade (Possibly Malfunctioning) (ZS)
  113. Moment of Protention (SC)
  114. Simultaneous Detonation of Grenade & Necrotemporal Distortion Rocket (ZS)
  115. Consciousnesses Are Crossed (SC)
  116. The Clairvoyant Naga Queen Is Shocked by the Incompetence of Her Subordinates (ZS)
  117. “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa!” (SC)
  118. Radioing Base and Requesting Instructions (ZS)
  119. Suspicions Aroused (SC)
  120. Full Throttle (ZS)
  121. Apparitions (SC)
  122. Recent Developments Are Taken In by the Sentries at the Goblin Fortress (ZS)
  123. Chapter VI.

    Night in the Goblin Fortress

  124. The Trap Is Sprung (SC)
  125. Spike-Strip Suicide Squad (MW)
  126. Pile Up (SC)
  127. The Slaveriders Descend (MW)
  128. The Gremlins Are Amused (SC)
  129. Anti-Gremlin Goblin Harpoons Ready (MW)
  130. Harpooneers Away (SC)
  131. Stray Round (MW)
  132. Sneaking Up and Snuck Up On (SC)
  133. The End of Radio (MW)
  134. Words of an Old Comrade in a New Adversary’s Voice (SC)
  135. The Lord of Swords Is Disturbed by the Loss of Communication with His Subordinates (MW)
  136. The Gremlins in the Radio Recoil / The Liegeman and His Subordinate Reconcile (SC)
  137. The Book Adds To Itself A New Entry Under The Heading “Ways For Goblins To Die” (MW)
  138. Additional Entries Under Subheading “Toad, Trespassing” (SC)
  139. Ascending the stairs toward the sound of goblins being sloppily devoured (MW)
  140. “I’m sorry, but we’ll have to do this until I figure out what the hell’s wrong with you.” (SC)
  141. On the Parapets / Summoning Ritual in the Black Tower (MW)
  142. The Offering (SC)
  143. Offer Accepted (MW)
  144. Obey! (SC)
  145. Knock / Knock (MW)
  146. Swirl, Stab (SC)
  147. A Containment Breach Releases the Liegeman’s Animus (MW)
  148. The Scent of Ectoplasm Sends the Black Thing into a Frenzy (SC)
  149. Hot Pursuit (MW)
  150. Cat and Mouse Into the Catacombs (SC)
  151. Two Artifacts; Notes on Their Use; Their Locations (MW)
  152. “Confound it, I swear this ‘map’ keeps chang—What the hell is that!?!” (SC)
  153. When in Doubt, Go Where the Goblins are all Plummeting (MW)
  154. Plummeting, Continued (SC)
  155. Nearby Souls Awaken the Fiend Cemetery (MW)
  156. Elsewhere, the Girl in the White Toad Despairs (SC)
  157. Devourer vs. Fiends / Hideout in a Giant Eye Socket (MW)
  158. The Girls’ Path Diverges / The Girl’s Animus Emerges (SC)
  159. Chapter VII.

    Flight of the Book of Knowledge

  160. “Holy Shit I Can Fly!” (NDG)
  161. Surveying the Landscape (cliffs, fortress, distant hovering lord, dozens of newly-burst burning fissures) (MW)
  162. Devourer’s Severed Head Pierced by Undead Fiend Ridden by Goblin Slaverider Possessed by Ancient Artifact Commandeered by Liegeman’s Animus (SC)
  163. The Book Relocates Itself (MW)
  164. The Lord of Swords Reassesses the Situation (SC)
  165. Dawn Breaks, and the Shadow Emerges (MW)
  166. The Grimoire Engulfed (SC)
  167. Briefly, the Shadow Knows Everything / Black Rain (MW)
  168. The Bodies Cast by the Shadows (SC)
  169. The Book Pauses in a Cloudbank; It Enjoys the Sunrise and the Sensation of Having Exploded That Guy (MW)
  170. Fragments of Knowledge, Temporarily Imprinted on the Shadow and Its Projection (SC)
  171. Nanoseed Rockets (MW)
  172. “Boy, I’m feeling hungry all of a sudden…” (SC)
  173. Cloud Control / Cumulo-Nimrod (MW)
  174. Blast Off (SC)
  175. Rocket Run (MW)
  176. Vortex of Souls (SC)
  177. Ghoststorm (MW)
  178. The Lord Draws / The Sword of the Heavens (SC)