Aiming, in Early Evening, at the White Frog

Zak Smith
Jun 6, 2009

Aiming, in Early Evening, at the White Frog


  1. One of the coolest “huh!?” moments I’ve had with ROK so far: getting halfway through the next move and realizing that the blonde space pirate girl has lady deathstrike fingers.

    New move soon.

    Shawn Cheng, Jun 12, 2009 13:13
  2. Have you given any thought to having a second ROK show in Toronto? nick has a pretty strong following here.

    brandon, Jun 12, 2009 19:42
  3. Hey Brandon, We’ve been talking about releasing a book containing the first bit of the story. When that happens, I’m sure that we will have some sort of showing somewhere in the city.

    Nicholas Di Genova, Jun 17, 2009 21:14
  4. Hey missed this thread — I’d love to have a book-release thing up in Toronto. Not sure about having a gallery show — Zak, would Freiser be ok with a traveling ROK show?

    Shawn Cheng, Jun 19, 2009 23:03

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