Shawn Cheng
Aug 16, 2006


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  1. Hell yeah

    Sara, Aug 16, 2006 14:00
  2. Madness!

    But hey! Look who is back in the picture!

    Matt Kish, Aug 17, 2006 14:22
  3. That’s a different guy, he has a cylindrical basket.

    Anyway, AMAZING picture Cheng

    Zak Smith, Aug 17, 2006 15:36
  4. Thanks!

    I meant that to be the same Basket Dude from before. I’d always been too lazy to draw the cylinder in perspective…

    Take your pick, Zak! (Each character has a thoroughly thought-out array of death moves and freakish abilities, natch…)

    Shawn, Aug 17, 2006 16:09
  5. I get this amazing rush of pleasure when I scan this drawing.

    Alec Battles, Apr 28, 2010 18:25

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