Consciousnesses Are Crossed

Shawn Cheng
Jun 20, 2009

Consciousnesses Are Crossed - Part 1

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(“Is this Death? Is this the Afterlife?”)

Consciousnesses Are Crossed - Part 2

(“Hey… Damage report?” “Hnghrrnghnghnhn…”)


  1. So, looks like the “crossed streams” of the phenomenological inversion and necrotemporal distortion has scrambled the minds of the combatants… Yikes!

    Shawn Cheng, Jun 20, 2009 22:30
  2. Whoa, thats pretty heavy… nice work man!

    Nicholas Di Genova, Jun 22, 2009 13:49
  3. jeez you guys are moving so fast now!

    john mejias, Jun 23, 2009 08:21
  4. I have to admit that things have sped up since I’ve left the Road, its pretty clear that I was holding it up… The site is looking great guys, I’ve been checking in a couple of times a day!

    Nicholas Di Genova, Jun 23, 2009 15:44
  5. Pish posh, Nick. We miss you. You should still do some panels here and there, like the “Guest Moves” we talked about.

    Shawn Cheng, Jun 23, 2009 23:53
  6. Shawn your great at interpreting other characters into your own panels and makeing the story work.

    brandon, Jun 26, 2009 14:32
  7. keep it up guys, this is awesome.

    i love the artwork- is it possible to produce a speed draw vid of how you create a panel? i would love to see that.

    m, Jul 21, 2009 22:51
  8. M–Unfortunately, the process of creating a Road Of Knives image is far too complex to be captured on video. Most of the calculations involved resoante across seven dimensions and at least half of the vibrational attunements required take place in parts of the spectrum invisible to the human eye.

    Zak, Jul 22, 2009 05:59
  9. :'(

    m, Aug 7, 2009 19:28
  10. M, why is your frowny face smoking a cigarette out of his noise?

    Zak, Aug 8, 2009 02:07
  11. i mean “nose”

    Zak, Aug 8, 2009 15:41

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