Recent Developments Are Taken In by the Sentries at the Goblin Fortress

Zak Smith
Dec 21, 2009

Recent Developments Are Taken In by the Sentries at the Goblin Fortress

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  1. rad.

    Shawn Cheng, Dec 21, 2009 23:44
  2. the goblin’s facial expression is incredible.

    Anonymous, Dec 22, 2009 10:51
  3. This may be my favorite one yet. Just brain-meltingly foreboding.

    Matt Kish, Dec 22, 2009 14:30
  4. Very awesome. I particularly love the weapons.

    Are either of you going to be around NYC early feb?

    Nicholas Di Genova, Dec 22, 2009 16:53
  5. I’ll be around. You gonna be in town?

    Shawn Cheng, Dec 22, 2009 18:15
  6. Yeah, I’ll be there for a few days… I have an opening at Fredericks Feb 4th..

    Nicholas Di Genova, Dec 22, 2009 20:46

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