The Gremlins Are Amused

Shawn Cheng
Mar 4, 2012

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  1. glad to see it’s started again! but no zak??

    jon procter, Mar 12, 2012 03:18
  2. Hi Jon, it’s just me and Matt for now. However, you can leave the Road, but it never really leaves you… so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Zak jump back in at some point in the future.

    Shawn Cheng, Mar 25, 2012 22:57
  3. hey shawn thanks for the reply, i’m enjoying the new stuff on here a lot. would be cool to have zak back and nicholas also, they both added some really beautifully drawn madness to this whole thing. is the road open to other artists contributions? or would it become too much of a free for all!! check out my work at http://www.jonprocter.co.uk and let me know. it’s good to see the road going again! cheers

    jon procter, Mar 27, 2012 19:50
  4. Hi Jon. Matt and I have talked about getting guest artists to join in at some point, after we get some momentum going. Stay tuned.

    I like your Instinct drawings. And The Meal is pretty fucked up. No wonder you like The Road.

    Shawn Cheng, Apr 1, 2012 00:44
  5. hey, thanks for having a look at my website. yeh, let me know if you do let guests contribute stuff. you can contact me via my website. cheer, jon procter

    Name (required), Apr 1, 2012 13:09

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