Decapitated and Skewered

Zak Smith
Aug 27, 2006

Decapitated and Skewered


  1. NICE. How’d you know I despised the goggle samurai as soon as I drew it?

    Shawn, Aug 27, 2006 20:33
  2. because as soon as you drew it, you did a picture HELPING me kill him

    thanks to this being a color scan, astute viewers will be able to note the tiny fleck of fried-chicken flesh stuck to the front of my painting against the black of the demon-widow’s pincer

    Zak Smith, Aug 27, 2006 21:01
  3. Yeah, I guess I was not-so-subtly rooting for the Widow… who will soon rue her decision not to dismember the Minotaur, mwahaha…

    Shawn, Aug 28, 2006 01:21
  4. Man, dangerous town.

    Henry, Aug 28, 2006 09:51

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