Bounty Hunter / Bountiful Harvest

Shawn Cheng
Nov 28, 2007

Bounty Hunter

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Bountiful Harvest


  1. nice nice!

    i actually wanted to make sure it was clear she was some sort of boss-type or local bigwig (medusa is supposed to be queen of the gorgon sisters–or at least that’s what wikipedia says, and I am taking its word for it since “Theogeny” doesn’t have an index) so thats done.

    i didn’t realize she was a bounty hunter, though, i assumed she just was really into interior decoration. also, i imagined her minions were porky midgets with steel skewers stabbed into their eyes to protect them, but bipedial star-nosed moles are better and more horrible.

    Zak Smith, Nov 28, 2007 09:19
  2. Oh I didn’t mean for her to be the bounty hunter — I had in mind “Cycloptic Headhunter #2” in the foreground — but it would make sense as well. (Seems like that kind of town.)

    We’re on the same page on Medusa’s minions — that they have to be somehow immune to her. Wish I had thought of the eye-skewers, though. I did give them potbellies and fundoshis.

    Also, blindness is how I imagined “Cycloptic (“Acloptic”?) Headhunter #2″ was able to survive.

    Shawn Cheng, Nov 28, 2007 11:10
  3. Star-nosed moles are freaky looking.

    Judy, Nov 28, 2007 21:58

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