Shawn Cheng
Dec 29, 2007

Adversary - Part 1

Adversary - Part 2


  1. gorgeous–
    is there some prinkmaking trickery in the halftone behind the hippo-goddess

    i like the alligator and hair especially

    Zak Smith, Dec 29, 2007 08:23
  2. Yeah man, that looks pretty damn amazing. Two of the creepiest characters yet I think… I was trying to figure out how you did that shadow too…

    Nicholas Di Genova, Dec 29, 2007 12:57
  3. Thanks you guys. Glad you like it!

    The shadow was done with stencil and roller. Been trying to figure out a way to make darks more quickly and unpredictably. My first attempt on an actual drawing so it was a tad harrowing, hehe…

    Shawn Cheng, Dec 29, 2007 15:07
  4. Thats amazing.

    Uh, if I eventually borrowed that technique sometime, would we still be friends?

    Nicholas Di Genova, Dec 29, 2007 17:45
  5. Yeah man, go nuts!

    Shawn Cheng, Dec 29, 2007 21:59
  6. yeah yeah I think i’ve seen that printy trick before mr. cheng.

    mejias, Dec 29, 2007 22:26
  7. “On the Road of Knives…” – bone- crushing violence and art instruction all in one. My addiction to your genius grows, Mr. Cheng.

    Matt Kish, Dec 31, 2007 05:01
  8. Your use of lighting reminds me of Cerebus for some reason. My favorite of yours so far.

    Alec Battles, Apr 28, 2010 18:39

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