Nicholas Di Genova
Feb 25, 2008



  1. so the initial idea was that he bit
    the mole guy so hard that his arms flew off… in the end, it looks
    like a bat getting hit in the face with two chicken drumsticks…

    Nicholas Di Genova, Feb 25, 2008 13:32
  2. Love the density of the fur, yo.

    Shawn Cheng, Feb 25, 2008 16:12
  3. hey, loser, is there a website where we can buy your new book?

    Zak Smith, Feb 25, 2008 17:38
  4. Thanks again for doing that review, I just sent it to my mom to read…

    The book’s available on my online store:


    The scroll bar has not been working for everyone though, still working out some kinks with the site…

    I’m not a loser.

    Nicholas Di Genova, Feb 25, 2008 18:20
  5. Then how did you know I was talking to you?

    Zak Smith, Feb 25, 2008 21:53
  6. Ah fuck, i AM a loser….

    Nicholas Di Genova, Feb 25, 2008 22:36
  7. Hello guys, good idea your blog ;)
    And good job it’s nice y like the concept :DDD

    Antoine louis, Feb 26, 2008 03:50
  8. I’ve got a copy of Nick’s book. It’s fantastic.

    Shawn Cheng, Feb 26, 2008 10:20
  9. I just bought nick’s book, and I already own zak’s. you all do amazing work! thanks for existing…

    danny, Mar 26, 2008 15:50
  10. That’s my favorite up until now, reading straight through.

    Alec Battles, Apr 28, 2010 18:45

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