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Shawn Cheng
Jun 29, 2008


The Game Goes On


  1. This guy looks amazing. Long time lurker, first time commenting. I like where this is going, and you three are fantastic and deserve medals for this incredible body of work. Keep it up!

    Soren, Jul 3, 2008 22:51
  2. This stuff is still going strong. You guys thought of publishing it at all? Maybe in a book format? Graphic ‘all be it’ extremely violent novel :)

    Brad Dunn, Jul 9, 2008 03:48
  3. Thanks for chiming in, Brad and Soren. Bit of a lull here on the Road. Zak has just moved, I’m getting ready to move, and Nick is off in the wilderness chopping wood. It’ll get going again in the coming week.

    We’re going to try to get it published as a book at some point. We’ll be showing what we’ve got so far in October in NYC, so stay tuned.

    Shawn Cheng, Jul 12, 2008 16:07
  4. Adding a follow-up panel… if you look closely, you’ll see the fight in the background mirrored on the board… ’twas my intention, anyways…

    Shawn Cheng, Jul 20, 2008 03:16

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