Nicholas Di Genova
Sep 10, 2008


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  1. sorry for the bad pic guys, I shot it with my camera phone… I’ll get a proper one up here asap…

    Nicholas Di Genova, Sep 10, 2008 17:13
  2. bah,
    this cracker is awsome,
    worth 2 pictures anyway :)
    Wip out the swords gangster!

    brad dunn, Sep 10, 2008 19:14
  3. This is one of the most stunning art projects I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. It took a lot of time to go through the whole thing, but it was worth every second.

    Phenomenal work, guys.

    Christopher Echols, Sep 20, 2008 20:19
  4. Thanks for the nice words, Christopher!

    Nick filled in Move #17, now we’re all caught up. We’ll be concentrating on prepping for the Road of Knives display at Zak’s show*, so no new moves for a couple weeks. We’ll be posting redos and edits, though, so keep checking back!

    * More info at Partyka (scroll halfway down)

    Shawn Cheng, Sep 23, 2008 21:51
  5. Great Stuff you have here, looking forward to see more! :)

    Jonas, Sep 25, 2008 05:29
  6. More updates: #65 by Nick and #13 by me.

    Shawn Cheng, Sep 30, 2008 00:53
  7. Incredible…

    There really aren’t enough superlatives in the English language to describe the degree to which this project kicks ass. I almost want to throw myself down a flight of stairs in a fit of artistic jealousy.

    I pray that the whole project will be available in print form, someday. Can you imagine this as a coffee table book? Talk about epic.

    Joe Oliveri, Oct 6, 2008 16:04

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